Hi, my name is Chris Cagle. I’m an author, blogger, and financial and stewardship coach. I focus on educating and inspiring others to wisely steward their resources for their good, the good of others, and the glory of God.

By the way, my first name actually isn’t “Chris,” nor do I go by “CJ.” My name is Carl J. Cagle, Jr.—“Chris” is a nickname my parents gave me when I was born, and it stuck. (Better than “junior,” I guess; certainly better than “Carl Jr.” With all due respect to Carl Karcher, who wants to be named after a hamburger?)

My mission is to help others with their personal finances and also in the areas of career, business, and especially retirement. And when it comes to coaching and writing, my emphasis is on practicality, simplicity, and personal responsibility.

On this site, you’ll find some information about my books and my blog—retirementstewardship.com—where I write on a variety of topics having to do with finances and stewardship with an emphasis on retirement.

Although my main focus has been on writing on my blog, I have also published articles on The Gospel Coalition (TGC) blog, Desiring God Ministries, and Radical.net.

My professional background is as an IT professional, not a financial salesperson or advisor. I retired in late 2018 from my job as an IT Architect/Strategist for a large regional bank, and I have previously been a social worker, social work administrator, account executive, telecom/network engineer and planner, marketing technical consultant, IT architect, IT consultant, IT manager, and IT director.

Regarding my educational background, I have a B.S. degree from Rollins College, earned an M.B.A. from Florida Institute of Technology, and completed post-graduate work in computer information systems (CIS) and theological studies.

I am a trained Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach* (Ramsey Solutions). In addition to my training from The Lampo Group, I graduated from Dan Miller’s (48Days.com) Coaching with Excellence training program, and I’m a Coaching Core Essentials Graduate (CUCEG) from CoachU.

I currently serve as a staff deacon at CrossWay Community Church in Charlotte, NC, where I focus on stewardship and generosity, faith and work integration, and ministry support. I have coordinated Dave Ramsey’s  Financial Peace University (FPU) seminars at my church and taught other stewardship classes for adults and college students. I also volunteer in various community outreach programs.

When I’m not busy with those things, I enjoy reading, hiking, fishing, playing the guitar, and doing fun (and sometimes crazy) stuff with my wife of almost 50 years (and counting) and my two children and six grandchildren.

* I am not an employee, nor do I write on behalf of Dave Ramsey or Ramsey Solutions. My views are my own.